a digital platform connecting the displaced to the global economy

  • The global refugee crisis is causing massive economic isolation for displaced populations across the world.


    in urban areas

    with minimal income opportunities while facing staggering food and rent costs

    65 million displaced people

    mostly excluded from formal job markets


    in developing countries

    where traditional jobs are in scarce supply

  • We are tackling this problem by leveraging the digital economy.

    High mobile use

    3G/2G coverage for 93% of refugees

    Online outsourcing market

    estimated at $4.8 billion in 2016, expected to grow to $15-25 billion by 2022

    Digital microwork

    consisting of low-complexity digital tasks, alone accounts for $450-900 million of the online outsourcing market and is expected to grow rapidly

  • The DIGNIFY platform

    connects displaced people and other economically marginalized populations to digital microwork, thereby offering them a dignified path to economic self-reliance.


    Dignify is a managed freelancing platform, accessible via mobile and desktop. We source digital microwork directly from companies and ensure its quality fulfillment.


    We provide the displaced and the marginalized in host countries with a source of income by connecting them to global demand for digital work.


    We deliver high-quality solutions, particularly those involving image tagging and data processing, to companies worldwide at highly competitive prices.


    We provide integrated learning opportunities to allow our freelancers to do more complex work and develop skills critical to remaining professionally competitive.

  • Our Team

    Combined 30 years of experience in human rights, development, business, law, and entrepreneurship, through positions with the United Nations, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Davis Polk & Wardwell, and various NGOs.


    International background including 8 nationalities, 11 languages, and experience working on the ground in 16 countries.




    Harvard Kennedy School

    Harvard Business School

    Marta Milkowska

    Harvard Kennedy School

    Stanford Graduate School of Business



    Harvard Kennedy School

    Osgoode Hall Law School of Toronto

    Sara Rendtorff-Smith

    Harvard Kennedy School

    New York University



    Harvard Kennedy School

    The Wharton School

  • What people are saying

    “Dignify means income, integration, and skills for its refugee and host community users.”

    Ruhakana Rugunda | Prime Minister, Uganda

    "This is exactly what we were waiting for!"

    Mattias Lundberg | Senior Economist, Jobs & Labor Markets, World Bank

    “Impactful and scalable. Dignify represents the best of social innovation at Harvard.”

    David Gergen | Director, Center of Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; Senior Political Analyst, CNN; Former Presidential Advisor to Four White House Administrations

    “What an inspired way to bring work to those who need it most.”

    Carl Byers | Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; CFO ('97-'10), athenahealth

    “Paid digital work through Dignify can help restore refugee dignity and offer important economic opportunities.”

    Linda Mason | Chairman & Co-Founder, Bright Horizons

    “Investing in Dignify is investing in a secure source of income for the displaced.”

    Sasha Chanoff | Founder & Executive Director, RefugePoint

    “The world needs this, and this is the team to make it happen.”

    Obura Tongoi | CEO of Kenyan PE firm, Africa Redefined

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